Millington Pope offers a specialised service for recruiting the highest level of strategic executive. We work on behalf of a range of clients looking to scale or introduce new products/services that radically change industries or practices, disrupting and creating new markets. Located in both Ireland and the UK, we have an international network built over 30 years of search work and our processes are wholly designed for the purpose of engaging the best person for the job in respect of capability, fit and motivation.  
As executive recruiters, we have an unmatched understanding, experience and commitment to the development of scaling businesses in Ireland. Millington Pope’s consultants have decades of experience as Board-members, advisors, consultants and recruiters to multiple sectors.  We invest in research, create thought leadership and invest in educational events to stimulate interest and engage executive capacity for leadership roles.
We are selective about the assignments we commit to deliver and have a particular interest in scaling businesses, education & research, health, arts and culture. We typically source CEO, COO, CFO and CMO roles in addition to strategically important VP and 'Head of' positions. We have a distinct reputation for bringing leadership talent from diverse professional backgrounds, giving clients greater choice and confidence in their shortlist. The quality of the assignment we are associated with and the specialist expertise we offer allows us access to the very top-tier of executives.    
We work as strategic partners and objective external advisors to our clients, developing a shared understanding of the purpose and profile of each role. We commit ourselves to the successful delivery of each and every project. This level of service, in addition to our above industry standard placement and retention rates means that we confidently guarantee all our placements.
The foundation of our business model is reputation, recommendation and referral based on the outcomes we achieve together with our clients.
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Due to the seniority and sensitivity relating to the advertising of certain positions, opportunities are available but not listed. Contact us in confidence to find out more.